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July 18-21 -- Premier players born 2010 - 2006

July 25-28 -- OJSC Recreation and Signature Camp -- all ages and all players

August 1-4 -- Premier players born 2005 - 1998

9:00 a.m. -- 12:00 p.m.
McPherson Athletic Facility


  • arrive by 8:30 a.m. to allow enough time for check-in.  Players -- no matter their age -- must be walked to the field and signed in/out. 
  • wear Premier training attire (ORANGE Premier tee, black shorts, black socks, shin guards).
  • bring a ball (put your name and phone number on it).
  • bring plenty of water and a snack. 
  • be sure to apply lots of sunscreen.
  • note that Wednesday is crazy sock day and Thursday is favorite jersey day! Our older players LOVE these fun "extras" as much as our youngers!

All players should attend this fantastic camp! It is a great opportunity for individual development and team and club bonding!

Don't miss the most exciting and developmental camp around! The 2016 Premier Summer Academy will be full of fun, learning, games, prizes and more!  While our Olders camp is geared towards our teenagers (and almost teenagers), we know that all of our players want to have a great time and lots of fun playing the sport they love.


Here are just some of the exciting topics your child will be learning from our fantastic Premier coaches.

  • DRIBBLING -- your child will improve their first touch, increase their comfort with the ball, dribbling speed, moves and deception, ability to turn away from pressure, and beat an opponent off the dribble.  
  • SCORING -- your child will learn "scoring straight", header goals, 2 touch prep and blast, penalty kicks, one touch power shot on a rolling ball, finishing a cross, and more.
  • DEFENDING -- your child will learn the proper defensive technique and principles of pressure, cover and individual and team defense.
  • TACTICS -- your child will learn the tactics needed to understand the game and, for our Premier players, execute game plans. 
  • PLAY! -- Each day every player will have the opportunity to execute the topic of each day during the scrimmages part of the camp.  From 11-12 Monday through Thursday we will be scrimmaging and scoring goals.  Coaches will coach and stress the topic of the day and coach a team through that day's topic.
  • FUN!  -- We have Crazy Sock Day, Favorite Jersey Day, World Cup Day and lots and lots of games and contests throughout the week.
Each day will be full of fun, learning, confidence, prizes and more! Each player will receive a special Premier prize for attending the camp!  We look forward to taking your child to the next level in their soccer development!

Latest News

Friday Skillz Are Back!

10/10/2016, 11:30am PDT
By Jim Watson

BEGINNING FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14 -- Friday Skillz is back by popular demand!  Check out the videos below.
Friday Skillz are sessions focused on enhancing our players' ball skills and confidence with the ball at their feet.  Players at every age and every level of play always need extra attention on ball skills.  All Premier players should attend Friday Skillz.
Premier coaches generously volunteer their time for these sessions because they are so committed go the Premier mission and know that the extra attention players receive at Friday Skillz can make a world of difference in our players' ability and enjoyment of the game.  Here are the details:
WHO:  All Premier Players.  If you have a friend you'd like to invite, please let us know.
WHAT:  Friday Skillz

WHEN:  Fridays from 6:00-7:00 pm (unless otherwise communicated)

WHERE:  Grijalva Park
WHY:  These sessions are for ALL PREMIER PLAYERS and invited guests focused on improving their game and having fun doing it.

It is a wonderful opportunity to have fun, get much need skill work, get to know your teammates better, learn from other coaches within the club, meet new players from the club, play with friends from other teams, etc.  These sessions are designed to be fast, fun and focused on player development. 

Premier Technical Director Kevin Esparza, whose career of developing players spans twenty years and includes every level from youth to professional, recently reiterated his view that, "Skill work is a critical component of player development. Attention to this area -- particularly in the form of extra sessions like Friday Skillz -- helps create a player's foundation of confidence, competence and success."    

Please be sure to share with your teammates.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Premier Player Progress Reports

09/08/2016, 11:45pm PDT
By Jim Watson

Continually Investing in our Player's Development

One important way that Premier distinguishes itself is through the personal relationships we're able to develop with our players and families.  We must continually invest in our players' development and have an ongoing dialogue with players and parents about ways to improve player skills and experience.

Twice per year, Premier coaches provide a Premier Player Progress Report to each player.  The club will share the timing so you know when to expect your child's Progress Report.  We've included a blank Progress Report here so that you can see it.

The Progress Report provides our coaches with a tool to share a high level update on each child’s soccer development and as a tool for discussion with their parents.  This report is not intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s ability or as a substitute for individual discussions about how best to support each  child’s soccer development.  

Progress Reports help us further our mission to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of our players through soccer played at the highest levels of positive, age-appropriate training and competition.  


Program Contacts

Erick Hurtarte

Erick Hurtarte